Joint Venture UZGERMED Pharm – 2 million Euro investment into new ampoule production facility

AXXO invests round about 2 million Euros in the expansion of its Joint Venture in Uzbekistan. It is located in the capital of Uzbekistan – in Tashkent. With AXXO ´s investment into a new and second ampoule production facility, UZGERMED Pharm is going to enlarge the local manufacturing capacity for important products. Furthermore, we are going to establish 70 additional jobs on site.

We expand our production in the economic area of central Asia. Consequently, we are strengthening our growth strategy with the help of our Joint Venture UZGERMED Pharm. Our aim is to keep on expanding with the aid of product innovations as well as new technologies. The latest investment underlines AXXO´s commitment to develop a modern and sustainable pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, AXXO enforces its position and enlarges its influence on regional markets like Uzbekistan.