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The satisfaction of our customers is the key element of our quality definition in all areas of our company. AXXO meets the requirements of the recognized “ISO Certification Standard EN 9001:2015” and as a partner into the pharmaceutical industry we are holders of an EU-GDP. AXXO has the license to sell pharmaceuticals (§ 52 a (1) of the Act on the Marketing of Drugs), which also includes the trade in finished medicinal products and medical products in accordance with the Medical Devices Act (MPG).

The EU GDP is the sum of the measures that ensure, through the control of the distribution chain, that the quality and integrity of medicines is maintained. Although the EU-GDP guideline is primarily aimed at pharmaceutical wholesalers, implementation of the requirements must be ensured equally by all parties involved in the distribution chain. Therefore, pharmaceutical manufacturers and all those involved in logistics (transport companies, warehouses, etc.) must also meet the GDP requirements.