Hello from our latest Investment: a brand new Cotton and Bandage Facility in Uzbekistan

AXXO Group is the leading pioneer in the healthcare sector in the country of Uzbekistan. This week our executive Director Florian Thiede with his area Manager Mrs. Pei-Hsin Tu is visiting our brand new Cotton and Bandage Facility. We have vertically integrated our brand new manufacturing facility right from spinning, weaving, processing, coating, impregnation, drying, rolling, cutting, packing and sterilization which makes us a full-fledged producer of supreme quality medical products and has helped us to flourish over the years. Today, we can proudly state that we are a leading national medical device enterprise and a major supplier in the entire Region in the product segments of Casting, Bandaging, Wound Care, Operations, Theatre Products, Hygiene Care and Patients Care Devices. The new production site delivers products that comply with international quality specifications and are the driving force of our entire organization. They are well equipped with all the cutting-edge Machinery including air handling and dust extraction systems to maintain the environment and meet the requirements for manufacturing surgical dressings and other medical devices.